Our Story

Brent and I met in 3rd grade and became fast friends bonding over our mutual interests in drawing, music, movies and G.I. Joe.  In high school Brent would work summers in his fathers screen printing shop learning the basics of the trade.  In our free time we would hang around the shop printing whatever job was set-up that day on overstock inventory shirts.  Around 2000, I signed up for a screen printing class while attending Corning Community College.  The instructor of the course was a friend of Brent's father and a former employee of his shop.  Although Brent was not even attending the school at the time, he sat in on nearly every class.  After finishing school, Brent and I started working together travelling around the North East, Florida and Texas for a major (now defunct) drug store chain.  Around this time, while spending most nights drinking in hotel rooms, the first ideas for a brand were conceived.  This first brand was the "Pizz Drunk Crew".  We never really got the brand off the ground and only a handful of designs were ever produced.  Shortly after this, adult life took over and our focus became families and careers.  But we never stopped printing.  We were going back and forth between Brent's fathers shop (now relocated to his garage) and a crude coffee table set-up in Brent's basement.  This is when some of the first "basement designs" were created.  At the time we were just printing shirts for ourselves, families and friends.  Around 2006, we started taking small custom orders out of Brent's father's garage.  The income from these first jobs was used to support what had become a full fledged screen printing addiction.  We started getting lots of compliments and comments about the shirts we were printing for ourselves and started picking up a few more custom orders.  By 2012, we had saved up enough money to buy some equipment of our own, set up a shop in my basement and opened Queen City Basement Designs.

Co-Founders Brent Flint (Left) and James Millhollen (Right)